Princess of Mitanni, wife of Amenophis III c.1407-1379 BC.
    Diplomacy between Egypt and her northern neighbours was occasionally cemented by royal marriage. By the middle of the Eighteenth Dynasty, Egypt and *Mitanni (the great northern Mesopotamian state, referred to as 'Nahrin' in the ancient texts) had become major diplomatic partners, and the letters sent by the *Mitannian king *Tushratta to the Egyptian royal family are preserved in the archive at Tell el Amarna. From this source and from a commemorative scarab issued in Year 10 of the reign of *Amenophis III, it is evident that Ghilukhepa (Kirgipa), the daughter of King *Shuttarna and sister of his successor, *Tushratta, came to Egypt to marry *Amenophis III, bringing with her a large entourage including three hundred and seventeen women. The marriage consolidated Egyptian-*Mitannian relations and was undoubtedly marked by the exchange of substantial gifts.
    Nothing more is heard of the *Mitannian princess, although *Tushratta sent his greetings in his correspondence with the Egyptian royal family, and later, his niece *Tadukhepa also entered the harem of *Amenophis III. Neither princess managed to dislodge the Great Royal Wife *Tiye, from her supreme position at Court.
BIBL. Engelbach, R. A 'Kirgipa' commemorative scarab of Amenophis III presented by His Majesty King Farouk I to the Cairo Museum. Ann. Serv. 40 (1941) pp. 659-61.
Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt by Rosalie and Antony E. David

Ancient Egypt. A Reference Guide. . 2011.

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